MAJIQ’s management team brings together extensive experience in the pulp and paper, engineering, and software industries. The Company’s core team has an exceptional knowledge base on designing and implementing complex solutions in software development and transaction processing and an unparalleled understanding of pulp and paper markets and operations.
Stephen Latham, President

Steve has served as President of MAJIQ since 2007. He has over 25 years with the company and has held the positions of COO, system architect, software development manager, sales, customer service management, project management, and software development. Steve is currently on the board of the University of Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation, and has served on the IT Committee for PIMA, the Washington Council of TechAmerica (formerly AeA), and on the boards of Tieto’s companies in the USA, Canada, and Indonesia. Previously Steve worked at The Boeing Company. He has a B.S. in computer science from Washington State University and attended the Executive Development Programme at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Peter Litka, Vice President, Sales & Integrations

Pete is responsible for sales focusing on existing customer relationships, as well as integration of MAJIQ’s newly aquired software companies. He has over 25 years with the company including Director of Strategic Alliances, Director of Customer Service, Head of Projects, and Manager of Training. Previously Pete worked for Seafirst Bank. Peter earned a B.A. in finance from Michigan State University.

David Pawelke, Vice President, Sales

David is responsible for sales and marketing and focuses on sales to new customers. He has over 20 years of experience in the pulp and paper industry and is one of the world’s foremost experts at applying software systems to the challenges of today’s production environment and he has vast international experience including Russia, Indonesia, Australia, Poland, France, and North America. David was formerly the Director of Projects at MAJIQ and has been involved in dozens of successful implementations. David attended the University of Wisconsin.

Joel Dauterman, Vice President, Customer Service

Joel oversees MAJIQ ’s customer service department and is also responsible for the Gibsons office of MAJIQ. He has over 20 years with the company including Director of Software Development, Elixir project manager, system architecture, and software development. Joel previously worked at the Boeing Company and has a B.S. in computer science from Principia College.

Jim Rauch, Vice President, Software Development

Jim oversees the research and development team at MAJIQ, including technical development, software delivery, and support of the Elixir product line. .Jim has a deep engineering background, and since joining MAJIQ in 1999, has become an expert on developing enterprise-level software solutions for the pulp and paper industry. He has extensive global experience including the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Australia, and New Zealand. Jim previously worked at The Boeing Company and Microsoft and has a B.S. and M.S. in Aero/Astronautical engineering from the University of Washington.

Michael Sargent, Director, Product Development

Michael focuses on the strategic vision and future roadmap for MAJIQ’s Elixir product. He has over 15 years with the company including systems design and analysis, project management, software engineering, and Elixir product management.

John Bullinger, Vice President, Operations

John is responsible for project installations, information technology, procurement, and facilities for MAJIQ . He has over 25 years with the company including IT Manager, Systems Integration Manager and Hardware Architect. Prior to joining the company John worked with the MAJIQ founders at Diamond Engineering.

Mike McIntosh, Director, Business Development

Mike focuses on improving customer relationships and growing MAJIQ’s business. Mike has been active within the paper industry for many years including being a past President of the Paper Industry Management Association (PIMA) as well as multiple years on various committees and boards including the Research Advisory Board for the Georgia Tech Center for Paper Business Industry Studies. Mike earned his Masters of Business Administration from Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Tim Gray, Director, Custom Software Development

Tim is responsible for all of MAJIQ’s custom systems. He has over 25 years with the company and is known around the world as one of the pioneers in pulp and paper information systems. Tim provides knowledge, mentoring, and guidance to the MAJIQ team.

Gina Pettersen, Director of Finance

Gina is responsible for all of MAJIQ ’s financial operations. She has over ten years with the company and over 15 years of experience in financial management including expertise of multiple financial systems. She previously worked for Getty Images and Space Labs and earned a bachelor degree in finance from Central Washington University.

Mark Mahan, Founder and Consultant

Mark founded MAJIQ (along with Michael Johnson) and has remained a consultant since leaving the company in 2005. Mark provides his technical expertise and guidance to the development team on a regular basis.