A global leader in integrated supply chain software solutions for roll, sheet, and bale manufacturers for over 40 years

MAJIQ’s key-value discipline is being a Client-Intimate organization.

MAJIQ has a 42+ Net Promoter Score across all our customers, and a majority of customers are ‘Promoters.’

Our software and product development philosophy is “Configuration, not Customization,” enabling our customers to leverage their unique capabilities while staying current with new software.  This model requires a future proof application architecture and data model, significant investment in QA, and detailed knowledge of our customer’s processes. As a result, MAJIQ genuinely provides software for life.

MAJIQ values industry expertise which is reflected in our hiring, the tenure of our employees, and our willingness to truly listen to our customers.

MAJIQ strives to add value to our products and services faster than our competitors, which provides our customers and our shareholders benefit through growth and more opportunities.

Our Core Values

Industry Expertise

As experienced operators in the Industry with years of distilled best practices, we provide holistic solutions that cater to your every need.

Future-Proof Solutions

Our client intimate support model, technological infrastructure and architecture, along with included software updates, mean we are future-ready.

Client Intimate Support

We know it takes hard work to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, but thats what we do.


MAJIQ’s reliability reputation for software and services provide the dependability our customers need for 24 by 365 manufacturing operations.

MAJIQ Management Team

PresidentSteve Latham
Chief Operating OfficerDavid Pawelke
Vice President of SalesRoyce Williams
VP of Customer ServiceJoel Dauterman
VP of Software DevelopmentJim Rauch
VP of Marketing & Business DevelopmentMike McIntosh