Configurable and Secure Lab Data Logging and Management System

QualityCheck by MAJIQ is a fully configurable Lab Data Entry and Logging system for lab tests, log sheets, or other applications.

You can:

  • Configure specific lab test entries and organize them on any number of entry screens available to authorized users
  • Enter numeric or alphanumeric data, look up values from pick lists, allow default, incremented or copied values, pull entries from external tables, or calculate values on the entry sheet using other data
  • Calculate entries using BASIC formulae and functions or stored database procedures
  • Pre-configure pick lists, or use any pre-configured database query
  • Allow authorized personnel to make unlimited additions or changes to tables, tests and/or screens without having to consult systems people
  • Alarm out of range entries
  • Allow test comments and inactivity logout
  • Change screen sizes and fonts for each individual workstation
  • Configure the number of previous entries to display
  • Do all of the above without being a programmer

Multiple Products and Test Types

Multiple configurable test types are permitted for multiple products and test areas, allowing different types of laboratory tests and/or log sheets to coexist on the system. For example, hourly production testing can coexist with daily or weekly tests, and also with lab tests based on production units or competitive samples.

Configurable and Adaptable


QualityCheck is designed from the ground up to be a multi-product system that allows multiple products to be tested and monitored simultaneously. One or more tested products must first be defined in order to configure the System. Test Definitions, Lab Data Forms, and Grade Specifications are created for each product and are unique to that product. Products can be completely different marketable entities that are often not subjected to the same type of testing. Examples would be heating fuel and gasoline, pulp and paper, or wood chips and lumber.


For adaptable distributed functionality, the QualityCheck system allows different sites to share in a common network database. Different products, users, and system configurations can be defined for each site.

Browser Functionality

QualityCheck Version 6 is fully Web-Enabled. This enables the ability to view any individual data-form in a browser over the Internet. Multi-Site implementations can use a VPN or the Internet, via a browser, to access the database. Collecting test data and administering QualityCheck could not be easier.

Specifications and Grading

Set a current target specification for any product via external table read, calculation, or lookup. Individual test entries are alarmed according to this current specification. Automated grading is supported for each product using a waterfall grading methodology.


QualityCheck uses powerful relational database technology to build ad-hoc reports at any time using readily available and inexpensive report generation tools. Any number of reports can be defined and triggered from within the system.

Client-Server and/or Local Database

QualityCheck works with Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle databases installed either locally on a single PC, or on a plant-wide client-server database for multi-area, multi-user access.

Automated Interface to Test Equipment

A Direct Data Exchange (DDE) can automatically set data generated by production and test equipment into the correct position on a data entry form.. This is one of the simplest interfaces for this type of equipment available anywhere!

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