Pulp Operations

The Product Tracking and Management System (PTMS) business software solution tracks your pulp and paper production from the finishing line right through to the customer’s plant, simplifying the process of quickly integrating pulp tracking, bale tracking, quality data, order management, production accounting, inventory tracking, shipment management, and financial sales information.

PTMS provides multi-product, multi-site capability to this “best of breed” software product, both simplifying the task of integrating new sites into a corporate order fulfillment system and allowing a level of communication between sites that was not previously possible.

PTMS Multi-Mill has a high level of communication configurability using the qBizConnector database export and synchronization engine constructed by MAJIQ. PTMS can now interface easily with remote systems in a distributed environment and exist in that environment without the high costs associated with the distribution mechanisms supplied by the relational database vendors. PTMS Multi-Mill allows widely distributed databases to communicate secure data on a configurable basis back to the corporate office or improves the management of a single stand-alone mill operating with remote sales offices.

The Benefits of Using PTMS Include:

  • Improved on-line operating flexibility to maximize responsiveness
  • Improved ability to respond to customer quality and “just-in-time” delivery requirements
  • Improved efficiency of the order fulfillment process
  • Easily handling of multi-currency freight accruals and commercial invoicing
  • Tracked quality specifications on product, grade, customer, and order basis
  • Improved accuracy of moisture, weight, and invoicing for market pulp and paper
  • Easy tracking and searching of worldwide inventory
  • Instant generation all shipment documentation when a vehicle or vessel departs
  • Improved cost control by providing mill nets on a per-shipment basis
  • Tools to enhance customer service and improve communication across the organization
  • Solid secure auditing functionality ensures data integrity

Versatile and Scalable

PTMS is the heart of a variety of configurations, ranging from a single site “off the shelf” version to an enterprise-wide version linked to multiple mills, specialized equipment and financial systems. PTMS can be configured to handle any situation unique to the needs of a client, including the management of multiple mills from single or multiple sales offices. The program is an easy to use, scalable, enterprise-wide modular system that includes testing and security features, and can be configured to your specifications.

Relationship Management

The Company Management Modules enable entry of detailed data for all companies with which any type of business relationship is or was maintained. This module allows for tracking and review of messages and notes, and displays lists and produces reports describing:

  • customers
  • customer contacts
  • end users
  • agents
  • service providers
  • local, consignment and customer warehouses

Order Management

An important part of the relationship management process, the Order Management modules allow users to easily manage customer, expense, complaint, and order information. Orders and order items are quickly and easily created or can be imported from external ERP systems. All financial considerations surrounding orders can be managed, including foreign currencies and commercial invoicing. This module allows the user to match bales, rolls, units or lots with the appropriate order and will ensure that the product shipped matches the order specifications.

Production Management

The Production Management modules allow Technical, Production, and other authorized staff to manage production accounting, quality, planning, and related functions. Audit logging ensures validity of data is maintained. Dynamic links to production equipment enable viewing of current and recent data including:

  • Bale, Rolled Pulp and Lot numbers
  • Grade Information
  • Quality Information
  • Production Totals and Rates

A sophisticated Lab Entry System allows tracking of any number of quality parameters. Mill Operations and Production Management modules improve the ability to make up-to-the minute production decisions by providing reliable data and reporting capability.

Quality Management

An integrated module of QualityCheck lab data entry system allows tracking of any number of quality parameters. Direct entry from any number of lab stations enables detailed quality data to be maintained down to the individual production unit and this data is available for order qualification checking, internal reports, and certificate generation. Working with the Mill Operations and Production Management modules the Quality Modules improves the ability to make up-to-the minute production decisions based on real time data.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management enables simultaneous searches of both on-site and remote warehouses simultaneously to get the right amount of product to fill an order. Inventory can be accurately tracked and adjusted for write-offs and grade changes. Inventory Management calculates full month-end production, shipment, and inventory totals, and generates predefined reports to show month-end activity, available inventory and inventory activity summaries.

Transportation Management

The Transportation Information Management module allows authorized personnel to set up and manage transportation functions. PTMS Transportation provides routing templates, multi-modal shipment capability, drag and drop methods for creating shipments, problem alerts and full shipment documentation. The program tracks railcars, vessels, voyages, and shipment status from departure to delivery. Making changes and adjustments to shipments is simple and easy for authorized users.

Warehouse and Loading Management

The Warehouse and Loading information Management module is used to manage the warehousing and loading process for all warehouses in the clients system — on-site, off-site, consignment warehouses as well as customer warehouses. PTMS even allows treating ships as mobile warehouses from which sales can be managed while the vessel is underway. Warehouse personnel can manage, document, and track lots as they are moved from the warehouse to the dock, loaded onto a vehicle or vessel, and sent to their destinations. The optional graphical interface, Warehouse Mapper, extends the capabilities of staff to quickly and easily locate products in a warehouse, evaluate their quality, and take appropriate action with the products such as loading or returning for reprocessing.

System Administration

The System Administration consists of Lists, Modules and Detail screens that are used to set up default parameters for PTMS and associated products. The systems administrator can control the extensive configuration options of PTMS, customizing the program to the specific needs of a company. This module gives full control of:

  • Access and Security Rights
  • Accounting Entity Definitions
  • Operation Entity Definitions
  • Quality Test Definitions
  • Product Specifications
  • Other Configuration Parameters


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